Friday, 15 July 2011

Review: Wild Rain (Leopards #2) by Christine Feehan

Humm. There isn't a description as such on Goodreads. I guess even they had trouble trying to describe what happens in this book. I'll try... A woman on a aid mission in a rain forest fakes her own death. She is attacked by a leopard after finding a deserted hut. However it is not deserted. She is helped by the owner of the hut. Things get sensual... No, I wont give up my day job :)

Straight away I knew I liked this slightly more than the first book in this series, The Awakening. Although the quantity of different names in the first 2 pages felt like a roll call. But when a breast presses against a chest on the 2nd page I had to groan. I have to admit, though, it did surprise me a little. Yes it has more story than the novella, but only just. It held slightly more promise at the beginning but then slipped and I got bored. I began getting annoyed that I'd started reading it at the weekend when I could've been reading something worthwhile, so I stopped with the attention of picking it back up at some point later that week.

6 months later... I was sick of seeing it sitting, or rather lying, on my bedside table, so decided it was finally time to finish it. It wasn't too bad. The story wasn't great, it was a slow first half, actually it was all slow. Slow and sensual. Rachael was a quite whiny. She'd constantly refuse to talk about some things in her past when Rio was for the most part, open with her.

The lack plot wasn't too annoying, but the one thing that irritated me the most was the constant repetition of their names; Rachael, Rio, Rachael, Rio. Rio? Rachael? Rio! Rachael? UGH! SHUT UP! People don't talk like that.

Random thought; a mango. Really?!

Apart from a couple of instances, most of the story centres around Rio's hut/house in a rainforest and nothing much happens at all. Like AT ALL.

It was boring as hell but I could read it. Not like Nightwalker, or The Turning, where the writing/character development/dialogue was so bad that I had to stop reading before I tore my hair out, because Wild Rain has no character development, or plot for that matter. But at least I've learnt something useful; sensual = boring. If I read sensual in a books description I'll know not to read it :)

Rating: 3/6 - It Was Okay (boring but okay)

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