Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Review: Magic in the Shadows (Allie Beckstrom #3) by Devon Monk

Description (from Goodreads)

Allison Beckstrom's magic has taken its toll on her, physically marking her and erasing her memories-including those of the man she supposedly loves. But lost memories aren't the only things preying on Allie's thoughts.

Her late father, the prominent businessman-and sorcerer-Daniel Beckstrom, has somehow channeled himself into her very mind. With the help of The Authority, a secret organization of magic users, she hopes to gain better control over her own abilities-and find a way to deal with her father.

Magic in the Shadows is my favourite book in this series. The world building is fantastic and I'm loving all the history of Magic. The secondary characters are more prominent and fleshed out a little more than in books 1 and 2, although there are lots of them, and they all have different roles, it doesn't make it too confusing. I loves Shamus. He is definitely my favourite and I really do hope to see more of him in future books. However, Allie is still grating on my nerves. Her attitude sometimes is damn right annoying, acting like a stroppy 13 year old instead of a young woman in her early twenties. She still listens to no one, putting people in danger because "how dare they tell/advise/suggest her to do anything that might keep her alive". Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying this series I just hope (again) that she grows/learns in the future... and soon.

Rating: 5/6 - Really Liked it

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