Monday, 14 May 2012

Book Chick City’s Zombie Challenge 2012!

So I've been looking around for a challenge to take part of and I think I have found the perfect one...Book Chick City’s Zombie Challenge 2012!

Challenge details;
The challenge runs from 1st Jan 2012 to 31st Dec 2012 and you can choose from 4 levels...

1. One Chomp: Read 6 Zombie books
2. Two Chomp: Read 12 Zombie books 
3. Three Chomp: Read 18 Zombie books
4. Four Chomp: Read 24 Zombie books.

Now I know for a fact that I have enough pre-purchases of Zombie books to be able to read 18 books and if I add to that the sequels I could go for Four Chomps and read 24 Zombie books. So seeing as I'm on a Zombie kick I think I'll be brave and go for Four Chomps :D

I've just read Feed by Mira Grant and I'm just about finished with Deadline, Feeds sequel... so, two books down already!  

Feel up for the challenge? Follow the side link to go to Book Chick City's challenge page for the full list of rules, and to sign up of course :)

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